Egypt :Competencies of Egypt's Law for Care of Mentally ill patients

  • 29 April 2022 / News / 433 / Fares RAHAHLIA

Egypt :Competencies of Egypt's Law for Care of Mentally ill patients
CAIRO - 28 April 2022: Egypt's Law for the Care of the Mentally ill Patients defines the competencies of the Patients’ Rights Care Committee, and stipulates that this committee is responsible for looking after the rights stipulated in this law. 
The committee's designed tasks are as follows:
- Carrying out awareness campaigns regarding these rights among patients and workers.
- Receiving complaints submitted by patients or their families and directing what is necessary.
- This committee has the right to receive grievances against admission decisions, compulsory treatment, and treatment orders, and submit them to the mental health councils.
- Article (38) of the law stipulates that in each mental health facility a committee shall be formed to take care of patients’ rights by a decision of the facility manager. 
The members of this committee should include:
1 - One of the responsible psychiatrists in the facility (As the head).
2 - A patient’s family or a member of civil associations concerned with patients’ rights.
3- One of the social workers in the facility, if any.
4- A representative of the Regional Council for Mental Health.
5- A representative of the nursing staff.
The Law for the Care of Mentally Ill patients includes penalties against the psychiatrist who diagnoses or treats diseases or performs any organic treatment, which only doctors may practice, or  examines the patient’s body or writes any medical or drug prescriptions for him.

source: egypttoday