Egypt : Food industrial sector contributes to 24.5% of GDP - official

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Egypt : Food industrial sector contributes to 24.5% of GDP - official
CAIRO - 5 June 2022: The food industrial sector represents 14 percent of the total export sector and 24.5 percent of the total GDP, Ashraf El Gazairly, head of the Chamber of Food Industries in the Federation of Egyptian Industries, said on Saturday.
In a statement, Gazairly pointed out that the food industrial sector, which accommodates 23.3 percent of the labor force, witnessed massive development over the past seven years as the number of companies had been doubled from 4,000 to 17,000 with a total investment of LE 500 billion.
He noted that the Egyptian food products have a good reputation at the local and international levels, adding that sector exports increased by 20 percent in 2021.
The sector faces major challenges at the local level with regard to agricultural production, livestock, pourtly and fish, he mentioned.
The lack of awareness of farmers and breeders about the peaceful methods of spraying pesticides and veterinary medicines has become one of the most serious challenges facing food safety, he explained.
He also lauded the efforts of the Ministries of Emigration, International Cooperation, and Trade and Industry in supporting the local industry and paying attention to development programs for training and development, adding that international aid contributed to providing 20,000 training opportunities.

source: egypttoday

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