The International Dates Forum in Erfoud is a distinguished interface for the development of the date palm chain in Morocco

  • 29 September 2023 / News / 416 / Hejer

The International Dates Forum in Erfoud is a distinguished interface for the development of the date palm chain in Morocco

The 12th session of the International Date Palm Forum in Morocco, which will be organized in Erfoud during the period between 3 and 8 next October, under the slogan “The Green Generation: New Horizons for Palm Development and Sustainability of Oases,” constitutes a distinguished interface for actors in the sector, in order to advance and develop the date palm chain at the national levels. And international.

This demonstration, organized under the high patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has become, over the years, a distinguished space to highlight the importance of this series in the economy of the oasis regions, and the stakes related to the sustainability of these areas, as well as the possibilities of their development on the horizon of 2030, within the framework of the new program contract and in The context of climate change.

This international forum, which was established in 1940 and was known at the time as the Dates Exhibition in Tafilalet, has now imposed itself as an inevitable event on the agricultural agenda by providing a basic platform for meeting, communicating and exchanging experiences at the national and international levels, and also a reference date for professionals working in the palm chain. The product is for dates. The development witnessed by this forum over the years confirms the growth of the date palm sector, which was achieved thanks to the efforts of various stakeholders from institutions and the private sector, locally and nationally.

As one of the basic agricultural chains within the Green Generation Strategy, the development of the date palm chain was the subject of a program contract between the state and the Moroccan Interprofessional Federation for Dates, for the period extending from 2021 to 2030. This program, for which a financial cover of approximately 7.5 billion dirhams has been allocated, includes planting five million Palm trees, including three million palm trees programmed in date-producing oases, and two million palm trees directed to areas designated for expanding modern areas outside the oases.

It is also related to encouraging entrepreneurial initiatives among young people and cooperatives, improving productivity, enhancing product valuation, improving distribution and marketing channels, and promoting exports. It is expected that about 230 exhibitors, among the main actors in this field, will participate in this forum, which is organized by the International Date Forum Association under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests.

According to a statement from the organizing body, the exhibition extends over an area that includes multiple poles: the regions pole, the spacious pole, the industrial products pole, the agricultural supplies pole, the agricultural mechanization pole, the international pole, and the institutions and supporting bodies pole. On the occasion, scientific seminars and meetings will be organized on the subject of the session, such as an investment forum in partnership between the Agricultural Credit Corporation of Morocco and the Agricultural Development Agency, and a study day organized by the National Institute of Agricultural Research under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which will be devoted to technical and technological developments and good practices for the development of this sector. Series. Thematic workshops will also be organized under the supervision of the National Agency for the Development of Oasis and Argan Tree Areas, in cooperation with the National Office for Agricultural Consultation, with the aim of strengthening the capabilities of young people in the field of creating and managing enterprises.

The program of the forum, which was decided to extend its duration to 6 days instead of the previously approved four, also includes pedagogical and educational activities, workshops, and tasting sessions. Competitions will also be organized and prizes will be given to participants and exhibitors.

The International Dates Forum in Morocco confirms, once again, its attractiveness to visitors coming from all over the world, as it is an ideal platform for meeting, communicating and exchanging experiences, as it is expected to attract more than 90,000 visitors this year.


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