South Africa: South Africa’s biggest mobile network quality testing project starts

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South Africa: South Africa’s biggest mobile network quality testing project starts

MyBroadband has partnered with Analytico, Afristay, and Keysight distributor Coral-i to conduct in-depth testing of Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom’s networks across South Africa.

Mobile network quality is a key consideration for consumers when selecting an operator, especially with load-shedding wreaking havoc among operators.

To determine which South African operator offers the best voice and data network quality, MyBroadband launched a new network quality testing project.

For this project, MyBroadband partnered with three top South African companies.

  • Coral-i, a distributor of Keysight’s world-leading network testing platform.
  • Afristay, one of South Africa’s largest accommodation portals, with over 20,000 holiday homes, guest houses, BnBs, and villas listed.
  • Analytico, which provides market research and network intelligence insights to South African IT and telecommunications companies.

This project uses Keysight’s world-leading network testing platform, Nemo, to test a range of variables using high-end Samsung devices.

MyBroadband worked with antenna and wireless communications specialist Poynting to design its test benches and testing vehicle.

Poynting is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cellular antennas. Professor Andre Fourie and Dr Derek Nitch assisted with the design.

The latest mobile network quality testing project builds on previous projects focussing on data performance.

This time around, MyBroadband will test a far more comprehensive range of network metrics, including:

  • Call success rate and call drop rate
  • Call setup time average, minimum and maximum
  • (Audio quality mean opinion score average, minimum and maximum) / (Audio quality average, minimum and maximum)
  • Download speed, upload speed, and latency

Analytico, in partnership with Coral-i, will analyse this data to rank South Africa’s mobile operators from best to worst.

The data will also be used to compare the performance of network vendors – Huawei, Nokia, Ericsson, and ZTE – in South Africa.

Voice and data network quality tests will be conducted in all major cities and towns across South Africa, which has not been done before.

To conduct speed tests across South Africa, the testing engineers must sleep in various locations – big cities to small towns.

Afristay, which has properties across South Africa and is known for its excellent service, was a great choice for MyBroadband as an accommodation partner.

Its accommodation portal makes it easy to organise your stay, from planning where you want to spend the night to booking, arrival, and departure.

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