South Africa : EDMA – The ultimate workforce management solution

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South Africa : EDMA – The ultimate workforce management solution

EDMA is a cloud-based workforce management software solution that is breaking all the rules by offering far more functionality than these solutions traditionally do.

It is achieving this by re-innovating time, attendance, and employee management to suit the evolving digital workplace while serving the need for cost management tools as well as staff and labour costing forecasts.

EDMA was initially developed to fill the gap in the market for a solution that would replace manual job costing timesheets.

Many businesses required job costing, but could not find a solution that handled their unique requirements.

EDMA has successfully filled this gap and has grown into a market leading time and attendance, HR, and job costing software that businesses are rushing out to buy.

Why choose EDMA

The EDMA workforce management solution is smart and can handle very complex calculations for shifts, payment rules and staff costing. It can also manage a multitude of job costing scenarios – all in real time.

EDMA is very easy to implement because it is user friendly, and is built to predict cost, measure it, and give users the ability to manage this cost before it’s realized in payroll.

Another exciting feature is that EDMA can handle the whole workforce across multiple locations at the same time.

This is thanks to a suite of mobile apps that enables synchronizations across many departments and job roles.

This suite includes management apps, employee self-service, mobile clocking apps, and job costing apps – ensuring each aspect of the organization is handled digitally and fed into one system.

“Our goal is to help businesses go totally digital, saving money, time, and the environment,” said Deanne Gomes, founder and owner of EDMA Systems.

“Unfortunately, when it comes to software that manages time, attendance, and employees, businesses end up basing their buying decisions on the initial price, whereas a product like EDMA offers much more value than other systems on the market.”

“We see those customers go with the cheaper solutions, but they end up coming back to us after their cheap solution doesn’t work,” added Gomes.

“Then they have spent far more in the long run, instead of just investing in the right product from the start. With the right product, savings are realized from day one and the system ends up paying for itself.”

About EDMA

EDMA has a very interesting product roadmap that will help businesses with so much more than just their employee management and staff costs.

It is constantly in development and is always releasing new features, reports, and modules to further enhance the product.

EDMA may have been born and bred in Durban, but the software is already available throughout South Africa and the United Kingdom, and will soon be available in other African countries as well as locations around the world.

If you’re serious about your business and implementing the right software solution to manage your largest asset and your biggest cost, make sure you choose EDMA.

source: businesstech

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