Egypt launches new “Nilesat 301” satellite successfully on SpaceX rocket “Falcon 9”

  • 09 June 2022 / News / 390 / Fares RAHAHLIA

Egypt launches new “Nilesat 301” satellite successfully on SpaceX rocket “Falcon 9”

CAIRO – 9 June 2022: Egypt has successfully launched a new satellite dubbed “Nilesat 301” on the SpaceX rocket “Falcon 9” from Florida.

The launching and the separation of Egypt's new satellite Nilesat 301 from the Space X Falcon 9 rocket was broadcasted live.

The new satellite was successfully launched into space at 11:03 pm Cairo Local Time, and the first signal was received after 38 minutes from liftoff.

Nilesate 301, with a projected lifespan of at least 15 years, will replace Nilesat 201, which will expire in 2028.

The new satellite will provide an expanded broadband internet service to cover Egypt, including remote areas, new projects, infrastructure projects, and new urban communities, as well as gas and oil fields in the eastern Mediterranean.

It will also cover southern African and Nile River Basin countries, aiming to achieve greater communication with the peoples of the African continent in line with the directions of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi in deepening Egyptian-African relations

Head of the National Media Authority Hussein Zein asserted on Wednesday that Egypt's new satellite, Nilesat-301, covers African and Nile basin countries.

In televised statements, Zein said the launching the new satellite is considered an accomplishment in the field of media and latest communications means as it covers some remote areas that were not covered by the old one.

Chairman of the Egyptian Satellite Company Nilesat Ahmed Anis said the lifespan of satellite 201 is to end in 2028, adding that the new satellite, Nilesate 301, was launched “at the right time.”

In another televised statements, Anis said that the company has standards and rules set by the International Telecommunication Union.

When the union gives rights to anybody, these rights are linked to a timeline, he said, adding that these rights would have been dropped because of Covid 19 outbreak but it was extended by the union until September. That's why we had to launch new satellite during this period, he added.

The last satellite launched by Egypt was Tiba-1, and it was sent to outer space from France in November 2019.

Given the simmering region Egypt lies in and the threat of terrorists' infirtlation through borders, Head of the Egyptian Space Agency Mohamed al-Qosy told Egypt Today in 2020 the significance of Tiba-1 satellite on that front.

Qosy explained that small stations are installed on borders. The stations are connected with cameras, radars, and sensors that are in turn connected to the satellite.

The satellite sends the images to the entities in charge of border security. It's worthy to mention that the lengths of western and southern borders with Libya and Sudan are 1,100 kilometers and 1,200 kilometers, respectively.

The satellite lies 37 kilometers above earth level, and is controlled from Egypt. Qosy said that the satellite performs audio call services, and will later provide internet services. 


source: egypttoday.

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