Egypt : Dynamics Link 1st in Africa, 3rd in Middle East in providing unified software solutions: Interview

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Egypt :  Dynamics Link 1st in Africa, 3rd in Middle East in providing unified software solutions: Interview
CAIRO - 20 March 2022: Dynamics Link Company is ranked first in Africa, third in the Middle East and eleventh globally in providing unified software solutions, Co-founder and CEO of the company, Hossam El-Sammad, announced in an interview with Business Today Egypt.
El-Sammad added that Dynamics Link is the first Egyptian company that became a partner with both Microsoft Dynamics and LS Retail, which provides Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LS NAV and LS NAV Hospitality.
Dynamics Link provides unified software solutions in various fields, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, pharmacies, and management of restaurant and retail chains, making it the first in Egypt and Africa in this field.
 The CEO added that since the establishment of the company, it has been working to provide technical solutions that have been applied in more than 140,000 companies worldwide, which would provide a central solution to control the management of branches and warehouses, regardless of their number, size or location. 
Dynamics Link also acquired the LS Diamond Partnership in 2019, according to El-Sammad.
Moreover, the co-founder and CEO of the company confirmed that Dynamics Link has contracted with more than 70 companies and economic entities in various industries such as (retail stores such as clothing and accessories, restaurant chains, pharmacy chains, petrol stations, manufacturing, trading and distribution companies), in many countries, such as (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Germany, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon) for the application of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Microsoft Dynamics is a group of programs specialized in the management and planning of corporate resources in terms of financial, administrative, purchasing, sales, warehouse management, manufacturing, project management and other advanced strategic operations of companies.
El-Sammad pointed out that the company's business includes providing business intelligence technology that contains strategies and techniques used by institutions to analyze data and manage business information.
He elaborated that business intelligence technology provides the ability to produce many effective reports on a large scale that helps decision makers to take the right decisions to achieve business success in the short/long term in addition to providing comprehensive standard reports.
"The system is flexible enough to allow users to create their own reports,” El-Sammad continued.
With regard to dealing with government companies, Al-Samad clarified that so far there has been no cooperation with any government agency, noting that the company's clients are from the private sector.
For his part, the co-founder of Dynamics Link, developer Ahmed Attia, stressed that the company’s role is not only limited to providing a software solution, but includes four stages, namely the planning stage: a clear plan is developed for the implementation of the project after the precise scope is defined, the design and development stage: In which work is done to prepare the program to meet the business requirements, and the training phase: in which the employees are trained on how to use the program, and the launch of the project: a specific date is agreed upon for the actual start of using the program.
Attia said that the multiplicity of systems used in managing the company is one of the difficulties facing decision-makers, noting that in Dynamics Link, it offers a single system to manage all members of the work team in all branches and departments, and thus the official can obtain information from one place.
 “Through the solution provided by the company, the customer can track sales and inventory status from anywhere using the Internet, link and follow up all branches through one screen, issue and save sales and purchase invoices electronically, in addition to obtaining periodic reports on sales and net profits,” he added.
Dynamics Link have 20 years of cumulative experience in delivering integrated business management systems encompassing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), complimentary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, giving all important powerful and future proof, business critical solution which delivers best practice, processes and functionality designed specifically for the business and its people.
Dynamics Link's portfolio includes a diversified portfolio of clients in the retail, restaurant, medical and medical establishments, and other industries.
El-Sammad confirmed that Dynamics Link is seeking during the coming period to expand the capacity-building of young cadres in the field of programming for integrated business management systems, as it is currently working on establishing and launching an academy to meet the labor market's needs of young professional programmers.
He added that Dynamics Links' strong relations with international companies in the field of programming will provide the academy's students with an opportunity to obtain the finest practical and theoretical training in this field.


source: egypttoday

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