Egypt-Sisi at BRICS Plus: Int’l community has to engage more effectively to empower developing states toward development

  • 27 June 2022 / News / 409 / Fares RAHAHLIA

Egypt-Sisi at BRICS Plus: Int’l community has to engage more effectively to empower developing states toward development

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has urged the international community to engage “more effectively and positively” in the efforts of empowering developing countries to achieve development and obtain the necessary funding.

In a speech via video conference during the BRICS Plus held under the chairmanship of China’s President Xi Jinping, Sisi said developing and least developed countries still suffer from shortage in financing for development.

The president affirmed the need to ensure that support provided for these countries to achieve sustainable development is not affected by current economic measures.

“I would like to emphasize that efforts directed towards addressing the repercussions of the current economic crisis must not be at the expense of supporting the achievement of sustainable development in developing and least developed countries,” Sisi stated.

Sisi warned that such practice obstructs those countries’ efforts to achieve tangible progress towards the implementation of the 2030 agenda.

Counterterrorism, climate change

The president, during his speech, stressed the need that the achievement of development goals come in parallel with the consolidation of international efforts to tackle various challenges, on top of which are the issues of terrorism and climate change.

“Terrorism remains among the biggest challenges that humanity faces in our time. This phenomenon violates the basic rights of citizens, mainly the right to life. It also hinders the efforts of governments towards achieving economic and social goals of their peoples,” the president said.

In this regard, Sisi reiterated Egypt’s calls for adopting a comprehensive multi-dimensional approach to dry up the terrorism’s sources, funding, safe havens, and media platforms harbouring them.

The president also called for addressing the economic and social conditions and factors that push some people towards adopting extremist thought and joining terrorist groups.

“This approach requires intensifying international cooperation for it to succeed in order to ensure the sustainability of international peace and security,” he added.

Regarding climate change, Sisi affirmed that Egypt will spare no effort during its hosting of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) to achieve compatibility among all parties concerned with international climate action.

This particularly includes efforts to reduce emissions as well as support and enhance the efforts of developing and least developed countries to adapt to the negative effects of climate change, limit its negative repercussions, and address losses and damages, the president explained.

This would contribute to the implementation of previous commitments and pledges and turn them into a tangible reality, he added.

“The negative effects [of climate change] on our planet have become a reality that we sense in all our countries, impeding our development plans and threatening water and food security worldwide,” the president said.

This increases the frequency and complexity of conflicts, leading to a rise in illegal immigration and internal displacement, he added.

“I look forward to receiving you all at the leaders’ summit in November 2022 to reaffirm the solidarity of the international community and its determination to advance all aspects of global climate action, in addition to the importance we accord to confronting climate change at all levels,” Sisi said.

source: egypt today

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