Invest in Algeria: All about one-stop shops

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Invest in Algeria: All about one-stop shops

Since the commissioning of the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency (AAPI) which replaced the National Investment Development Agency (ANDI) following the new investment law, published in the Official Journal N °50 of 28 July 2022, decentralized one-stop shops are made available to national economic operators. They allow those concerned to complete the administrative procedures necessary for the launch of their investment projects.

In fact, two types of counters have been created at the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency: a single counter for major projects and foreign investments and decentralized one-stop counters.

One-stop shop for major projects and foreign investments

As indicated on the AAPI website , the one-stop shop for major projects and foreign investments acts as a single point of contact to support project promoters in carrying out all the procedures necessary for the realization of large investment projects and foreign investments.

The one-stop shop for major projects and foreign investments deals with investment projects whose amount is equal to or greater than two billion dinars, as well as investments whose capital is held in whole or in part by foreign natural or legal persons , benefiting from the guarantee of transfer of the invested capital and the resulting income.

Decentralized single windows

As regards the decentralized one-stop shops, these enable national economic operators to carry out, in the same place, the formalities and declarations necessary for their registration and the registration of their projects. They are the single point of contact for investors at the local level.

The one-stop shop brings together, in addition to its agents, representatives of eight other administrations, namely, tax, customs, the national center of the commercial register, the town planning services, the bodies in charge of land intended for investment, environmental services, bodies responsible for labor and employment, as well as social insurance funds for salaried and non-salaried workers.

Mention should also be made of representatives of other administrations and organizations in relation to investment, responsible for the execution of procedures related to the realization of investment projects, the issuance of decisions, authorizations and any document related to exercise of the activity in relation to the investment project. Other representatives also of bodies responsible for carrying out procedures related to obtaining land for investment and monitoring the commitments made by the investor.

To find out more about the functioning of these decentralized one-stop shops, put at the service of national operators, the Algerian Agency for the Promotion of Investment (AAPI) goes into detail and specifies the role of each member.

  • The AAPI representative registers the investments and notifies the registration certificates. It processes requests for modification of the investment registration certificate, provides services related to the formalities of incorporation of companies and the realization of investment projects. Just as he authorizes the sale of investments and transfer of benefits, proceeds to the withdrawal of benefits for investments falling within his competence, on the proposal of the representative of the tax administration, and determines the duration of the operating benefits on the basis of the evaluation grid.
  • The representative of the tax administration is responsible in particular for establishing exemption authorizations from value added tax (VAT) for the acquisition of goods and services benefiting from advantages, as well as for drafting the minutes of statement of entry into operation in collaboration with the competent tax services. It must also give formal notice to investors who have not complied with the obligation to file a progress report and/or draw up the report of entry into operation. Finally, he must draw up a half-yearly statement of reconciliation between the investments whose registration has expired and the reports of entry into operation received.
  • The representative of the customs administration and responsible for assisting the investor in carrying out the customs formalities related to the realization and operation of his investment. In addition, it is responsible for processing requests for lifting the non-transferability of assets acquired under preferential conditions.
  • The representative of the national trade register center (CNRC) is required to issue the certificate of non-anteriority of the name. It assists the investor in carrying out the formalities related to registration in the commercial register.
  • The representative of the town planning services assists the investor in completing the formalities related to obtaining the building permit and other authorizations relating to the right to build. He receives the files related to his attributions and ensures the follow-up until completion.
  • The representative of the environmental services assists the investor in obtaining the authorizations required in terms of environmental protection. He receives the files and ensures the follow-up.
  • Representatives of labor and employment services inform investors about labor and employment laws and regulations. They issue work permits and all related documents. They are also responsible for collecting job offers from investors and presenting them with candidates for the jobs offered.
  • Representatives of social security organizations issue certificates of employer, change in workforce, update, registration of employers and employees, as well as any other document within their competence.
  • Representatives of bodies responsible for granting land for investment are responsible for informing investors about the availability of land bases. They accompany them in the accomplishment of formalities related to access to land.

Digital investor platform

It should be noted that a digital platform is also made available to investors and other project leaders. It is accessible via the site . Managed by the Algerian Investment Promotion Agency (AAPI), it provides information on investment opportunities in Algeria, land supply, incentives and benefits related to investment, as well as related procedures.

This digital platform is interconnected with the information systems of the organizations and administrations responsible for the act of investing. It allows you to complete all the formalities related to investment online.

From October 1 , 2022 to March 31, 2023, this digital platform recorded the registration of 158 investment projects.