Egypt-Sheraton Soma Bay is leading the way to a “Bias Free” working environment

  • 01 July 2022 / News / 433 / Fares RAHAHLIA

Egypt-Sheraton Soma Bay is leading the way to a “Bias Free” working environment
Sheraton soma bay’s General Manager, HR Director, executive team and the whole management of this stunning Resort in Soma Bay, has been taking the extra mile, and is leading the way to break the bias when it comes to people. 
The management believes that unconscious bias acts as a barrier to Equality. It prevents you from cultivating diverse talent, developing an engaged workforce, leveraging unique experiences and perspectives, and sparking innovation through collaboration. 
The Hotel HR department is currently hiring gifted talents, supporting gender equality & empowering women in the work place, and working for the community, by adding values and enhancing the society through tens of planned CSR projects, charitable events, social visits, effective trainings and a lot of Team work which leads to breaking the bias through equality.
The Hotel is focusing on investing in people and their talents to create a strong creative team, weather by hiring people with disabilities or special gifts as we love to call them, or by hiring more women in areas that was only accepting males to drive more CSR projects into place and involve everyone in the work place.
The management believes that hiring a gifted employee is a valuable asset in the workplace “Says Boris Bornman, the General Manager of Sheraton Bay Resort. Sheraton Soma Bay, like any other hotel, needs every skilled worker to contribute towards the success of the hotel. Hiring a gifted employee or a talented or skilled women in a challenging job, have an important role to play to make a positive contribution in the workplace.” Added Bornman. It is generally found that a person with a disability or minority develops into a well-adjusted, productive worker in an atmosphere of acceptance, co-operation and goodwill. And we are happy to create this atmosphere for them here at Sheraton Soma Bay.
Such unique talents, have long been excluded from or underrepresented in the workforce based on low expectations and preconceived notions about their capabilities, however, it is often found that workers with disabilities are more productive than their co-workers and that they are less absent from work and shows great loyalty towards their company. Their unique perspectives help to create diverse company cultures and improve innovation
At Sheraton soma bay, we believe that for companies to be truly successful in hiring a diverse workforce, they need to look at it as embracing the advantages of having a group of people with varying abilities, skills, talents, and social intelligence, rather than compliance or perceived obligation.
As part of embracing the company’s core values of putting people first, serving the community and break the social bias, Sheraton soma bay has started to deviate from the norm and offer an equal opportunity for women, gifted and unique talents to join its Hotel team. The hotel is currently proud to have more than 30% women hiring and more gifted/talented employees in all hotel departments including guest contact jobs.
The passion started with hiring five new special gifted employees in operational departments, for the first time, such as IT, Finance, F&B. Then we created the right atmosphere, accommodated their daily/special needs and supported them with the required trainings and motivational models, to enable them to perform the essential functions of the job, and pursue the careers of their choice.
CSR projects, such as beach cleaning, garbage recycling, planting trees or leading a campaign about the danger of plastic objects to marine life, are also on the top list of the hotel’s annual activities. It is a great way of giving back to the community; involve the employees and sometimes the guest, in different activities, to create a sense of loyalty to the hotel, the community and the overall wellbeing.
Sheraton soma bay hotel, management and employees are proud to go this extra mile in every aspect, and will keep on following their passion in people, their believes in equal opportunities, and values, with clear vision and purpose for a better diverse community, and the wellbeing of everyone.

source: Egypt today