Master The Trade: Master Your Money and Mindset For Investing in 2021

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  • 23 January 2021 17h00 24 January 2021 13h00 | Virtual

Master The Trade: Master Your Money and Mindset For Investing in 2021
This conference will prepare you to trade successfully for 2021, and introduce you to several asset classes of investing.

About this Event

What happens when all your favorite investors come together?

A one day conference full of leaders and hustlers ready to show you what the world of investing has for you and your family. Come with us as we prepare your mindset and money for an overflow in 2021.

2020 took us all for wild ride and now is our time to enter 2021 stronger and wiser than ever at the "Master The Trade" conference.

Get ready to take your money and your mindset to another level! We'll introduce you to 6 different classes taught by 6 miraculous entrepreneurs. Let's break down what we have in store for you and your future money moves to come for 2021.

We'll include 3 classes that will be 100% geared towards enhancing your MINDSET MASTERY as you learn the skillset of investing. These topics will include:

1.) Tay Sweat (Founder of Secure The Bag Program) - Self Discipline

2.) Jolyn (Co-Creator & Producer of "The Come Up Series") - Goal Setting

3.) Che' (Entrepreneur and Filmmaker) - Building Financial Legacy Throughout Our Culture

The other 3 classes will be geared towards MONEY MASTERY and the many different ways you can profit from the stock market.

4.) Teri Ijeoma (Founder CEO of Trade and Travel) - Stocks

5.) Ian Dunlap (The Master Investor) - Futures

6.) Mark Monroe (Co Creator of "The Come Up Series" & VC Investor) - Options

If you've made it this far your path to a stronger mindset and portfolio has already started. All you have to do is walk the path you dreamed about all this time. See you there.

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source: Invest With Teri