Morocco : Morocco Awards UK Mining Company Three Mineral Exploration Licenses

  • 16 March 2021 / News / 91 / Africa-BI

Morocco : Morocco Awards UK Mining Company Three Mineral Exploration Licenses

Aterian Resources, a UK-based mineral exploration company focused on technology metals in Morocco, has been awarded three exploration licenses totaling 252 square kilometers, in the Anti-Atlas region, western Morocco.

The Altus Strategies subsidiary has been awarded three copper and silver projects, following a “competitive tender process,” reports Mining Weekly.

The company’s remote sensing programs have identified multiple priority targets on which Aterian will soon start exploration work.

In June 2018 Altus was awarded three exploration licenses for Takzim Est, north of Marrakech, covering an area of 39.80 square kilometers, and two exploration licenses in the Ammas site covering 31.75 square kilometers, a total of 87.55 square kilometers.

By December the company had discovered more zinc, cobalt, and copper prospects at their sites, showing encouraging results for its 71.8 square kilometer Takzim project. The surface samples showed 4.64% zinc, 7.78% copper, and 0.15% cobalt.

The latest licenses for mineral exploration in Morocco have doubled Altus’ landholding in the country to 511 square kilometers, increasing its portfolio to seven base and precious metals projects in Morocco.

Founded in 2007, Altus Strategies is a British exploration project generator with a focus on the African continent. Altus discovers and develops natural resources such as gold, copper, iron, zinc, and silver in African countries including Morocco, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Liberia.

In January 2021, Morocco’s Minister of Energy Aziz Rabbah called for more investments and intensified research in the country’s mining sector, pleading to boost mining exploration.

Rabbah said the future of the sector is dependent on more investment to ensure exploration in deep mining.

And if Morocco can advance the production of value-added products, a mining boom could benefit more than just exports, notes one observer. The author explains that Morocco could “extract the materials and sell them abroad for quick returns, or the country can produce high-value products for national and international consumption.”

A solid long-term vision could move Morocco beyond the role of the exporter, turning it into a high-tech manufacturer rivaling today’s technology centers of the world.


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