Tunisia:Partnership agreement between ITES and Tunisian Smart Cities, signed

  • 05 October 2020 / News / 66 / ABI 1

Tunisia:Partnership agreement between ITES and Tunisian Smart Cities, signed

A partnership agreement was signed, Thursday, between the Tunisian Institute of Strategic Studies (ITES) and the Tunisian Smart Cities Association with a view to raising the grand public's awareness about the notion of “Smart City” and to give the efforts exerted in this regard more chances of success, cohesion and sustainability, said Tunisian Smart Cities.  

This strategic partnership seeks to "conduct a comprehensive study on the Smart City and the citizen’s place in the digital city and to implement a programme of spacial development outreach activities. It also aims to mobilise institutional, scientific, economic and civil actors to develop a smart-city approach, assist them in formulating sustainable spacial visions, to succeed in the technical, administrative and financial set-up of projects and contribute to the development of riches, access to basic services, and environmental protection."   The programme also includes the conduct of comprehensive studies as part of the preparation of large-scale national events such as Tunisia Smart Cities 2025, Tunisia Smart Nation 2030, Tunisian Olympic Games 2040 and Sustainable Tunisia 2050.  

The guidelines of the TSC -ITES partnership agreement focus on improving Tunisia's rank worldwide in the fields of economy, society and environment as well as the societal performances of public institutions and the knowledge of development actors in matters of global trends in Smart Cities.

Besides, the agreement seeks to provide political reference frameworks promoting the continuity of strategic action in matters of national and local development and disseminate the culture of evaluation, by releasing reports regarding the sectoral and spacial integration of political orientations.    

The Tunisian Smart Cities association is a prospective association, bearer of the eponymous programme and which will be materialised in the long term by a national network of smart cities. Tunisian Smart Cities is a programme which is inspired by the Smart City initiatives launched in some Tunisian cities such as Bizerte, Kairouan and Gabes, with a view to organising a nationwide deployment.

source: tap.info.tn