Tunisia:Lahonna Tn, Promotional platform dedicated to businesswomen

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Tunisia:Lahonna Tn, Promotional platform dedicated to businesswomen

Translated by Ben Dhaou Nejiba)- Combining passion and professional life is possible as it is the case for the businesswomen of "Lahonna TN," a promotional and customer-facing platform dedicated to businesswomen. It identifies women who actively participate in the economic development of their regions, to promote their projects and offer them a platform to connect with clients.

"We are living in a difficult year 2020 and Lahonna was set up to convert this period of crisis into a period of recovery.

The project consists in offering the necessary conditions to enterprises run by women, to succeed in their digital presence, to increase their notoriety and above all to explore new markets.

This period must be a lever to accelerate the transition to digital in terms of communication and sales," stated to TAP marketing manager of the project Leila Ben Khelil.

"They are active, supportive, autonomous, ambitious, creative, etc. They represent Tunisian women and Tunisia in all its glory and ingenuity."

Design, interior decoration, the world of accessories, essential oils, ornamental and handmade candles, carpets, cosmetics, handmade toys, pottery, copper as well as the physical and linguistic awakening of children, the fields are diverse and the objective is unique for all of them: To excel and be distinguished each in her own field, while respecting ancestral traditions with a touch of modernity.

"A Facebook page was created for this purpose on September 16, 2020, but we have been working on the project for several months now," she added.

For the time being, the beneficiaries, numbering 21 women at present, have been chosen from among the businesswomen who participate in the FLAG project and who bring out all the virtues and exceptional charms of the craft industry and the best typical Tunisian products.

The FLAG project "Femme, Leadership, Appui et Gestion" (Women, Leadership, Support and Management) seeks to improve women's economic empowerment and fair participation in Tunisia's economic growth, and to support the creation of a supportive environment for female business in traditional and innovative sectors and for the creation of jobs for women.

Regarding the selection criteria of the beneficiary companies, Ben Khelil pointed out that the files of about a hundred companies participating in this programme had been examined as well as their FB page, their reactivity on social networks, their presence on Instagram and it is in this way that the 21 beneficiaries have stood out.

"History has proven that the most difficult times offer the greatest opportunities. The special circumstances we are living in today must push individuals to excel by redoubling their ingenuity. The participants outperform in terms of creativity and know-how with their products and creations that meet the needs of the local market," she said.

"The duration of the project will depend on its success, we will know more by the end of October and the funding is fully detailed on our social networking page. For the time being these companies are not yet targeting the international market, but if that should happen they will of course be supported to achieve their goals," she specified.

Lahonna is an initiative of the FLAG project, which is part of the "MOUSSAWAT" Programme funded by the European Commission in partnership with the Ministry of Women, Family and Children.

The project is set up by the Tunisian Association for Management and Social Stability (TAMSS) in partnership with the Tunisian Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (TCSE), Pontes Ricerche and Interventi and Oxfam Italia in addition to the regional associates ADGS in Gafsa and UNFTK in Kairouan, for a period of 36 months starting in October 2017.

Lahonna is co-financed by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

source: tap.info.tn

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