SOUTH AFRICA:Dell Monitors – Your essential productivity tool

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SOUTH AFRICA:Dell Monitors – Your essential productivity tool

The hybrid working model is has become somewhat commonplace in South Africa, with many organisations encouraging employees to divide their time between the office and home.

The result is that the home office isn’t’ going anywhere soon and needs to continue to function as a bona fide productivity environment.

An integral part of fully utilising a home office is technology. And whilst not always financially possible, the home office must, to a certain extent, mirror a traditional office environment.

Enter monitors; undoubtedly one of the unsung heroes of optimised worker productivity.

“Whether it’s running multiple monitors to answer e-mails while checking stock availability, or simply using a bigger screen for presentations, the right monitor can certainly make a difference,” comments Heinrich Pretorius, Dell consumer product specialist at official distributor, Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

The Dell 24 monitors, the E2422HN and E2422H models, have been designed with the home office in mind.

Available immediately from DCC, the 23.8-inch FHD monitors come at an affordable price point and offer all the features needed to meet home offices’ productivity and larger display requirements.

The Dell 24 E2422HN and E2422H monitors feature:

  • Wide viewing angle – FHD clarity with IPS technology with colour and picture quality across a wide 178°/178° viewing angle.
  • Users can easily tile multiple applications across one or more screens with 38 pre-set window partitions. The monitors can also personalise up to five windows for improved multitasking.
  • Flicker-free screen, and ComfortView which emits a low blue light. Both features optimise eye comfort.
  • Convenient connectivity – connect to current and legacy systems via DP, HDMI and VGA ports. A major plus in a home office environment which might have older equipment.
  • The monitors save energy with PowerNapi, a feature that dims or puts it to sleep when not in use.
  • The monitors come with VESA-compatible mounts and stands.

The Dell 24 E2422HN and E2422H monitors ship with a three-year Advanced Exchange Service warranty.

source: businesstech

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