Oyo : Algeria reiterates its availability to host “inter-Libyan reconciliation conference ” in July

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Oyo : Algeria reiterates its availability to host “inter-Libyan reconciliation conference ” in July

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad reiterated, on Thursday in Oyo, the availability of Algeria to host the “inter-Libyan conference of reconciliation”, scheduled for next July.

“I have the honor to announce the availability of Algeria to host the inter-Libyan reconciliation conference planned for next July under the auspices of the AU in collaboration with the United Nations,” he declared at the opening of the 1st meeting of the AU contact group on Libya.

Mr. Djerad, who represents the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, at this meeting, affirmed that Algeria “undertakes to provide all the facilities and to meet all the conditions necessary for the success of this important event” aimed at putting an end to the crisis in this country.

He reiterated, on this occasion, Algeria’s determination to “continue its immutable efforts to contribute to the settlement of the crisis in Libya while respecting the sovereignty and independence of this neighboring country”, to work for ” preserving its territorial integrity “and” allowing the Libyans to appropriate the political process “.

The Prime Minister stressed, once again, the “pivotal role” that the neighboring countries of Libya must play in this process aimed at a political settlement of the crisis which is shaking that country, in accordance with the resolutions of the conference of ministers of the neighboring countries of Libya, organized on January 23 in Algiers.

Mr. Djerad expressed, in this context, Algeria’s desire to “accompany the efforts of the United Nations and contribute effectively to the success of the Libyan dialogue process “.

“Algeria is ready to cooperate with the new UN special envoy for Libya,” he added, expressing the wish to see the new UN envoy “appointed soon” so that he can “maintain the dynamics of the process of settling the crisis in Libya and preserving the gains made so far. ”

He, also, called on the international community to “involve the AU in the UN-sponsored Joint Military Commission talks” between the parties to the conflict.

“Our organization has extensive experience in mediation and conflict resolution and can contribute to the success of these talks,” he said.

Prime Minister has said, on that occasion, that Algeria “is following with great concern” the situation in Libya, marked by “repeated violations of the truce and the continued delivery of arms to the parties to the conflict “, in” flagrant violation of the UN arms embargo on Libya “.

He stressed, in this regard, that “Algeria insists on the responsibility of the UN Security Council to impose peace and security in Libya by putting an end to foreign interference and the delivery of weapons to the parties in conflict”.

He considered, as such, that “the international community has the duty to create a favorable political climate capable of allowing the Libyan belligerent to come together in order to find national solutions to the crisis facing their country, so as to guarantee Libya’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and preserving the social fabric of the Libyan people. ”

For the Prime Minister, the 1st meeting of the AU contact group on Libya “confirms the determination of the AU to support the process of resolving the crisis in Libya and to fully assume its role in this matter which concerns a AU Member State “.

According to Mr. Djerad, this meeting “will bring a new and important stone to the building” and should also allow “the adoption of important decisions and an action plan for the organization of the inter-Libyan reconciliation conference which will bring together all the parties, all the factions and all the forces in Libya in order to contribute to the establishment of a government of national understanding capable of managing the transition period “.

The Prime Minister, also, welcomed the decisions of the last AU summit which “placed the Libyan dossier at the top of the continent’s priorities”.

source: Dz Breaking

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