NIGERIA:Metering To Improve Electricity Market Revenue — NEMSA

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NIGERIA:Metering To Improve Electricity Market Revenue — NEMSA

The Managing Director/CEO of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), Engr. Peter Ewesor, has said an effective metering system would improve liquidity in the Nigerian Electricity Market (NEM).

Ewesor who is the Chief Electrical Inspector of the Federation (CEIF), stated this at the inauguration of the Eko and Oshodi Zonal Electricity Metering Installation Personnel Certification Panels (ZEMIPCP), in Lagos at the weekend.

He said such a metering system would ensure that the actual revenue of the power supply that has been sent out will be generated, which will be used to finance the entire power sector value chain.

Ewesor also said inadequate metering has caused leakages in the electricity market but the proper installation of meters would foster effective energy management, accountability and balance.

“No matter the estimated billing anybody does, it can never enhance revenue generation because estimated billing is a methodology that involves trial and error. But when you have a meter that gives an accurate reading, what I supply is what I get payment for and what you consume is what you pay for,” said the NEMSA head.

Ewesor further said NEMSA takes full responsibility for the processing and certifying of electrical personnel to correct the loopholes that exist in the power industry.

“The installation of meters is very crucial, which is why we have decided that we should be able to hold personnel accountable and be rest assured of their capabilities,” Ewesor noted

source: daily trust

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