Morocco:Spain’s Siemens Gamesa to Install 87 Wind Turbines in Southern Morocco

  • 06 September 2020 / News / 108 / ABI 1

Morocco:Spain’s Siemens Gamesa to Install 87 Wind Turbines in Southern Morocco

Rabat – Spanish wind power operator Siemens Gamesa is set to install 87 wind turbines at the Boujdour wind farm in southern Morocco.

The company announced the decision on Wednesday in a statement quoted by Morocco’s state media.

The project has a capacity of 300 megawatts and will be implemented in a park seven kilometers north-east of the city of Boujdour. It will mobilize an investment of MAD 4 billion ($435.4 million) and is expected to begin by the third quarter of 2022.

Siemens Gamesa said the project in Morocco includes the supply, transport, installation, commission, and testing of the wind turbines through one of the company’s affiliates. The project also includes a five-year service contract.

The Boujdour wind farm is owned by a consortium between the Moroccan energy company Nareva and Italian renewable energy corporation Enel Green Power.

The consortium acquired the wind farm in 2016 as part of an 850-megawatt tender under the Moroccan Integrated Wind Power Project. 

The 850-megawatt project includes five wind farms: The Midelt project (180 megawatts), Boujdour (300 megawatts), Jbe Lahdid in Essaouira (200 megawatts), Tiskrad in Tarfaya (100 megawatts), and Tanger II (70 megawatts).

The project is part of Morocco’s renewable energy approach, constituting an important component of the national energy strategy. Morocco aims to derive 52% of its installed electrical capacity from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines by 2030.

Siemens Gamesa in Morocco

Siemens Gamesa expanded its presence in Morocco in 2017, launching a factory in Tangier to produce blades for wind turbines. 

The factory is the first of its kind in Africa and in the Middle East, Sonia Adnane, Siemens Gamesa’s head of communications and public affairs in Africa, told Morocco World News.

The spokesperson added that the production unit delivers wind turbine blades to countries throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

The company employs approximately 800 people in the Morocco country, including 750 in its Tangier factory and 50 in Casablanca.

“Whenever and wherever we will see opportunities, we are committed to accompanying the country to reach its goals for a sustainable future in Morocco and for Morocco,” Adnane said.

The company operates eight wind farms across Morocco, totaling 856 megawatts and representing over 72% of the local market share. 


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