Morocco Largest Afro-Arab Textile Exporter to Brazil in H1 2020

  • 14 September 2020 / News / 88 / ABI 1

Morocco Largest Afro-Arab Textile Exporter to Brazil in H1 2020

Rabat — Morocco tops the list of African Arab countries that export textiles to Brazil. Statistics from the Arab-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce show that Morocco’s textile exports amounted to $6.99 million during the first half of 2020.

Egypt follows Morocco with $5.14 million, and Tunisia with $1.92 million.

The statistics show that Morocco and Tunisia send the most clothing items to Brazil.

Exports to Brazil, however, dropped by 33% compared to a year earlier due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The statistics show that exports specifically from Morocco to Brazil declined by 48%.

The chamber of commerce shows that after textiles declined last year, they “did so further by 12% in revenue terms.”

The website shows that Brazil also has other suppliers in the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

“Those three Arab countries are traditional textile producing countries. Morocco sells a lot of products to Europe. The big exporters are in Asia, but we have seen sales from African and Middle Eastern countries go up, including Arab ones,” said the Chairman of the Brazilian Textile and Clothing Industry Association, Fernando Pimentel.

On Wednesday, speakers from Brazil and Morocco participated in a webinar, discussing trade between the two countries.

The webinar focused on the theme: “Morocco-Brazil: agro-industry connects continents.”

Executive Director of OCP-Brazil Olavia Takenaka participated in the webinar, highlighting the importance of agriculture and phosphate cooperation between the two countries.