Egyptian ministry displays flood control projects completed in past few months

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Egyptian ministry displays flood control projects completed in past few months

CAIRO – 14 April 2022: Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources Mohamed Abdel Aty stated Thursday that almost LE2.7 billion were spent on flood control projects in FY2021/2022.


Those include protection of Alexandria coasts, Citadel of Qaitbay, fence of Montaza Palace, Saqalat area at Abou Qir Bay, coastal area northern Berket Gelyoun at Kafr El Sheikh governorate, western Gamasa at Daqahliyah governorate, coastal area at Kafr El Sheikh governorate, and Marsa Matrouh coasts and bay.


The ministry also dredged Rashid Estuary at the governorates of Kfar El Sheikh and Beheira.  


The ministry is carrying out measures taken to enhance the irrigation system, and coexistence with the negative impact of climate change.


Those steps include the lining and cleaning of canals, transformation into drip irrigation, recycling of wastewater, flood protection structures, and beach protection structures among other projects and initiatives.


The minister had stated in 2021 that the first phase of canals lining targeting 7,000 kilometers and worth LE18 billion will be over on June 20, 2022. In January, the ministry announced the completion of the lining of 4,000 kilometers of canals.


On another level, the ministry is encouraging farmers to substitute flood irrigation for modern irrigation systems in order to rationalize water use. Modern irrigation systems have been introduced in 230,000 feddans and will be introduced in further 55,000 feddans as requested by agricultural land owners.


The ministry attributes demand by farmers on modern irrigation systems to the desire of lowering costs, and improving the productivity and quality of crops.


Further, the ministry issued in February a press statement detailing the works it executed within "Decent Life" initiative since its launching early in 2021.


The total number of projects implemented is 195, which took place in 20 governorates at a cost of LE9.9 billion ($615.75 million).


Those consisted of the rehabilitation of 3,024 kilometers of canals; introduction of four flood protection solutions in Menya, Aswan and Giza governorates; operation of eight solar-powered groundwater pumping systems in New Valley's Farafra; installation of protection along the banks of the Nile River over 420 meters in Menya; and donation of 91 land plots spanning over a total area of 95,500 square meters in eight governorates to establish facilities.

source: egypttoday

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