EGYPT: UCTD & Bayer’s Consumer Health Division Sign Partnership in the Egyptian Market

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EGYPT:  UCTD & Bayer’s Consumer Health Division Sign Partnership in the Egyptian Market
Dr. Mohamed Galal, Vice President & Head of Bayer Consumer Health Division - Middle East, and Mr. Ayman Hossam Omar, Chief Executive Officer of United Company for Trading & Distribution (UCTD), announced the signed-off contract between Bayer’s Consumer Health Division, aiming to import and distribute OTC products in the Egyptian market. This collaborative partnership marks a new strategic alliance with promising prospects and high added value for consumers. 
Ayman Hossam stated: “We envision this valuable partnership between the two big companies in the medical manufacturing field (Bayer) and, the distribution field (UCTD) to provide a multitude of benefits to the market and the Egyptian consumers simultaneously”.
The most notable benefit is the availability of Bayer essential products like Becozyme, Bepanthen, Redoxon, Elivit, Rennie, and Clarinase. All these products will always be available and accessible at a huge number of pharmacies in Egypt. These medications will also infirtlate cities and all governorates via the largest distribution network in Egypt, comprised of more than 80 branches in more than 60,000 pharmacies.
Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines play an essential role in keeping consumers and populations healthy with a variety of options while, at the same time driving down healthcare spending. The inclusion of Bayer Consumer health over-the-counter medications will be available too, ensuring its supply to all communities and entities that rely on expertise and capabilities to meet consumers’ needs and ease their wellbeing. 
Mr. Ayman Hossam stated, “We are enthusiastic about this collaborative opportunity for both companies to shift the mindset to the difference between OTC and, prescription medications aligning it with the global trends of manufacturing, supplying, and distributing to various markets. This is in addition to building on and expanding the OTC concept as a major goal in addition to the supplying, and distributing of Bayer Consumer Health’s prescription medications already agreed upon”.  
“At Bayer’s Consumer Health division, our vision is to make self-care for a better life a reality for billions of people around the world through everyday healthcare. Self-care has never been more important in helping people achieve better health and enabling healthcare systems worldwide to become more sustainable. By providing access to informative tools, resources and knowledge on how to improve people's daily health – from choosing healthy lifestyles and using consumer products effectively to proper information and self-care learning tools to support appropriate self-diagnosis and self-treatment – we are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and society as a whole”, added Mohamed Galal.
This is a great opportunity and major milestone for UCTD and Bayer Consumer Health towards a robust alliance aimed at serving the Egyptian healthcare market needs effectively and successfully.

source: egypt today

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