Egypt: Sinai witnesses unprecedented boom in developing electricity networks, Minister

  • 12 January 2022 / News / 119 / Amira

Egypt: Sinai witnesses unprecedented boom in developing electricity networks, Minister

Egyptian Minister of Electricity and Renewable energy Mohamed Shaker revealed that Sinai has witnessed a great and unprecedented boom in developing its electricity networks to be able to meet the needs of citizens and the national and investment projects that are being carried out for the first time on the land of Sinai.


In statements to Egypt Today, Minister Shaker also highlighted the expansion of agricultural areas in Sinai, which aims to reclaim 270 thousand feddans, in addition to laying cables for the first time with a voltage of 500 kilovolts.


Minister Mohamed Shaker further revealed that the ministry is keen to implement the state’s plan to finish development work in electricity transmission and distribution networks in general and in Sinai in particular, stressing that an amount of L.E. 9 billion has been allocated to develop electricity transmission and distribution networks in North and South Sinai.


Shaker also explained that the ministry is in the process of constructing 500 kV electricity transmission lines that pass through the tunnels with the aim of improving the level of service provided to the people of Sinai, explaining that the goal of these lines is also to establish an alternative circuit for the circuit of the electrical interconnection line between Egypt. and Jordan for future use in electrical interconnection projects.


Shaker said that the ministry is doing everything possible to develop the electricity networks in Sinai to open investment opportunities with the aim of economic and social development for the people of Sinai.


He added that it is intended to provide electricity for the agricultural development project of 270,000 feddans through the establishment of new generating stations and transformer stations with capacities of up to 2,400 megawatts.


Shaker also highlighted that the construction of five power transformer stations has begun in Sinai, explaining that these stations will be operated next December 2022, pointing out that a transformer station will be established in Sheikh Zuweid with a voltage of 66 kV and another in Masa’id with a voltage of 220 kV at a total cost of 850 million pounds. .