Egypt : Chuting over Egypt's New Administrative Capital brings out aesthetic aspects

  • 07 December 2020 / News / 139 / Emerging Africa

Egypt :  Chuting over Egypt's New Administrative Capital brings out aesthetic aspects
CAIRO - 6 December 2020: The Egyptian state, with all its apparatus, continues its work to accomplish many major projects in the new administrative capital, located East of Cairo.
The New Administrative Capital is highly considered to be a big dream for a very broad sector in Egypt, and a major step towards the future of a modern Egyptian state, which continues its construction renaissance.
Pictures, videos and scenes from the Administrative Capital that are being broadcast on satellite channels and on social media, highlight many of the aesthetic aspects inside the capital.
The New Administrative Capital, which embraces mega projects and constructions, the most prominent of which is the tallest tower in the New Administrative Capital, in which the 49th floor has been reached, leaving another 30 floors, in addition to the completion of the construction of 245 meters of the tower.
Recently, the New Administrative Capital witnessed a group of parachute jumps by professional jumpers, as shown by pictures that were shared all across social networking sites.
The images highlighted the value of major projects in the capital, as well as the beauty of the new facilities, in a way that is comparable to and beyond the best cities in the world.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi  last month checked the executive status of the construction projects being implemented in the new capital.
The president’s tour included the banks district, Egypt’s Islamic Culture Center as well as a number of sectors and housing districts.
The president also inspected the government’s district, which is set to include headquarters of government authorities, including ministries, parliament and senate.

source: egypttoday

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