Berlin International Agricultural Fair “Fruits Logistica 2019” opened

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Berlin International Agricultural Fair “Fruits Logistica 2019” opened

BERLIN – Berlin International Fruit and Vegetable Show “Fruits Logistica 2019” opened on Wednesday with the participation of some twenty Algerian companies that came to explore new export opportunities.

 The Algerian pavilion at this world-famous fair was inaugurated by the Minister of Commerce, Saïd Djellab, in the presence of the Algerian ambassador to Germany, Noureddine Aouam, the representative of the Arab League in Germany, Talal El-Amine, and the President of the Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACI), Mohamed Laid Benamor.

According to Mr. Djellab, the Algerian participation is part of the new dynamics of the sector to “revive the image of the country at major international economic events.”

“The Algerian product is already placed in foreign markets but with small quantities. Now we want to give a boost to our agricultural exports by increasing their volumes through contracts with large retailers,” said the minister.

In recent years, Algerian agricultural exports have been experiencing a steady pace, confirming the vitality and dynamism of the agricultural sector, which is recording significant surpluses in several sectors.

Algerian agricultural exports reached $ 60 million in 2018 compared to $ 44 million in 2017.

During the year 2018, Algeria had participated in 25 exhibitions and fairs abroad and organized specific Algerian exhibitions in Washington, Brussels, Nouakchott, Libreville, Dakar and Doha.


source: Dz Breaking

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