Average annual inflation at 4.8% in August 2018

  • 02 October 2018 / News / 366 / Africa-Bi1

Average annual inflation at 4.8% in August 2018

The evolution of the consumer prices’ annual rate stood at 4.8% until August 2018, said Sunday the National Office of Statistics (ONS).

The evolution of annual consumer prices in August 2018 is the average annual inflation rate calculated taking into account 12 months from September 2017 to August 2018 compared to the period from September 2016 to August 2017.

In terms of monthly change and by product category, food commodity prices were up 0.6% in August compared to July 2018.

This change was driven mainly by higher prices for fresh agricultural products, which climbed 1.2%.

An increase has been recorded in the prices of fruits (+ 19%), eggs (+ 17.9%) and red meat (+ 1.5%).

However, declines were particularly notable for chicken meat (-5.9%) and vegetables (-3.5%).

For the prices of industrial food products (agribusiness), they recorded a “relative stagnation”, according to the ONS.

On the other hand, manufactured goods prices rose 0.4% while services prices climbed 0.2%. 

The rest of the other product groups were characterized either by moderate variations or stagnation. 

As a reminder, the 2018 finance law has forecast inflation of 5.5%.


source: Dz Breaking