Algeria: Renault to Manufacture and Import Vehicles in 2024

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Algeria: Renault to Manufacture and Import Vehicles in 2024

French Renault company started preparing to return to manufacturing cars in Algeria, by working to match the production file with what was imposed by the specifications issued last November by Algerian authorities, and this will be followed by filing the vehicle import file also soon, at a time when the first Algerian Renault car is expected to be ready for marketing in 2024.

Chairman and General Manager of the Holding Company “Madar”, Charafeddine Amara, told Echorouk that the legal status of the Renault company today is ready and has been completed in coordination with all concerned parties. The new specifications approved by the Algerian authorities starting from November 2022, as depositing the manufacturing file at the level of the Ministry of Industry must be appropriate to what legal procedures require today and not in the same previous format.

This comes after the “Madar” complex announced in May 2022 that it had regained the 34% stake owned by the National Industrial Vehicles Company in the Renault Algeria Production Company in Oued Tlelat, Oran, western Algeria, as “Madar” published on the company’s website that “this operation that was approved by the State Contributions Council on April 20, 2021, constitutes one of the axes for restructuring the activities and forming the assets of the National Industrial Vehicles Company.

Amara explained, on the sidelines of the Economic Security Forum for Durum Wheat, organized Thursday by the Council for Algerian Economic Renewal (CREA) at the International Conference Centre, that the completion of the procedures for filing the manufacturing file will take place soon, but the production of the first Algerian vehicle with the Renault brand will take place during the year 2024, not 2023, whereas, the Renault company, once it officially announces manufacturing and launching the factory preparation procedures, will also start importing, by filing an import file for vehicles.

This coincides with what the “Fiat Algeria” company has done, as the company is expected to start manufacturing cars starting next October, according to previous statements by officials of the Ministry of Industry. However, the import process takes place in parallel, as the company obtained, in early March, final import approval and it is expected that a press conference will be held on Sunday at the Sheraton Hotel to announce its tourist and commercial vehicles and their prices, and to start selling officially.

In a separate context related to the production of table oil, Amara explained that the process of restoring the Kouninef factory in the city of Jijel (eastern Algeria) and including it under the management of the “Madar” complex will enable raising national production and meeting the needs of the market, confirming that the factory will officially start production before the end of the current year, similar to what the sugar factory in the Boumerdes witnessed, where it was recovered by the Algerian justice from the Mazouz company, was included in the “Madar” and recently started supplying the Algerian market.

Amara added that the raw material for oil production is available and production at the local level is carried out in sufficient quantities, attributing any shortage at the level of retail markets to what he called “eagerness” and unjustified purchases of large quantities, reassuring: “Production is taking place today in sufficient quantities and the product will rise after all factories gradually started production to achieve self-sufficiency.

Madar is a public holding company established as a result of the restructuring of the National Tobacco and Matches Company, which led to the birth of its specialized subsidiaries.


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