Algeria to partake in 39th International Tourism Industry Show in Paris..

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  • 26 September 2017 06h31 29 September 2017 06h31 | paris

Algeria to partake in 39th International Tourism Industry Show in Paris..

Algeria’s National Tourism Office (ONT) will participate in the 39th International Tourism Industry Show in Paris, France, from 26 to 29 September, said the ONT in a statement.

ONT will participate in the International Tourism Industry Fair (IFTM) through a pavilion of 60m ², designed in a style combining modernity, authenticity and peculiarities of Algeria in terms of heritage and architecture, specified the statement. 

The pavilion has been equipped with all the necessary means to enable the participants to promote and market the national tourism product.

This participation aims to “give Algeria a brand image” through the screening of films and photos, distribution of various promotional materials (guides, leaflets, CDs, etc.) and the provision of information on investment opportunities in the tourism sector.

The International Tourism Industry Exhibition (IFTM) is the largest exhibition in the field of tourism and travel, involving internationally known tour operators, hotels and transport establishments (land, sea and air).

Some 1,700 tourist establishments from 166 countries are expected at this fair, which has a surface area of ​​31,000 sq.m., and will attract more than 30,000 professional visitors.

The event will benefit from local and international media coverage.





source: dzbreaking